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Safe & Accepting Schools

Promoting a Positive School Climate

A positive learning and teaching environment is essential if students are to succeed in school. All members of the school community should feel safe, included, and accepted, and actively promote positive behaviours and interactions. It is expected that schools are inclusive and respectful. A positive school climate is crucial in the prevention of inappropriate behaviour.

Our school has a Safe and Accepting School Team, as well as a bullying prevention and intervention plan.  These documents can be found in the container below.

Learn more about the Ministry of Education’s Safe and Accepting Schools Plan, visit this link.

The use of technology and social media have become particularly concerning when looked at in relation to bullying prevention and intervention. Schools are increasingly managing inappropriate use of technology and social media. Proactive measures, including open dialogue with parents and with students, are essential to ensuring appropriate use. Schools may also, with the support of Policy 301 and Policy 303, as well as other policies related to safe and accepting schools, put into place expectations for students when they are at school. Policy 301 addresses the use of digital communication and states that: “ All students are expected to use on-line technology, (including social media) in a responsible, respectful and lawful manner, which must be in compliance with all relevant federal and provincial legislation, as well as the school and school board’s Code of Conduct.” Policy 303 establishes that: “Personal electronic devices will not be permitted in the classroom with the following exemptions:
• for educational purposes, as directed by an educator;
• for health and medical purposes;
• to support special education needs.”
Teachers and school administration determine when it is appropriate for students to have access to personal electronic devices while at school and particularly during class time. PPM 128 was revised in 2019 which led to a change in the UCDSB Code of Conduct. Revisions directed boards to implement baseline expectations for the use of personal electronic devices in schools.

Updated November 22

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